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New from the Sharecropper workshop a simple yet elegant two seater bench.

Barn Wood Bench

Life has been crazy lately. Full of travel and adventure. Been doing loads of photography and editing and the blog posts have been falling behind. But I have still had time to mess around with my designs and build a few things here and there.

The latest creation to come out of the shop is this two seater entry way bench. I designed this to be a very simple and sturdy piece but still have an understated elegance to it. I hope that comes across. It is made from old barn wood from up here in the Santa Ynez Valley. Its always a fun challenge to build these and put them together without a spare set of hands to help. Taco watched from his usual blanket on the floor of the shop and had to duck every now and again to avoid random bits of wood falling from the work table. All in all he is a good shop dog and doesn’t fret much about the dust and random piece of wood flying towards him. They usually end up in his mouth anyway…

This is for sale. Contact me if you are interested.


The Sharecropper

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