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Fresh from the Sharecropper Workshop-Wine Barrel Stave Chair

Wine Barrel Stave Chair-The Sharecropper Workshop-Wine Country Furnishings

After many hours in the workshop here is the latest in new designs coming out of the Sharecropper Workshop.

There are many designs out there but these designs you see here at the Sharecropper WordPress Blog are original and from my whacky brain alone. So feast your eyes and tell me what you think.

This chair does have an “age limit” barrel as it is rather low but in designing this one I have figured out a way to make a higher one with a similar design aesthetic. This chair is intended to be a fireside lounger or lawn type chair for informal gatherings. The use of the staves in the upturned rocker position allows for greater mobility in an an outdoor setting and won’t damage or dig into your lawn.

The metal on the sides is from the barrel as well. Known as the hoop it is rarely employed in the design of barrel chairs but serves well for the purpose of holding this design together.

Could be yours for $350

Contact me here.

Have a great day.

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