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Chicken Coop built by the Sharecropper

The Sharecropper Chicken Coop

The Sharecropper loves chickens. Mostly to eat but eggs are good too! This is a coop I built for a friend, almost entirely out of reclaimed materials. We bought some screws and a few 2×3’s. Other than that it was all repurposed material.

The Sharecropper Chicken Coop

Shake the hand and meet the Sharecropper Chicken Coop. Its nice to use the knocker to let the birds know you’re about to poke your head in. Its only polite.

Chickens Love A Good Coop-The Sharecropper Chicken Coop

The ladies need room in their coop. But this is in direct relation to the amount of outdoor space. So for seven lady hens that live here in beautiful California I went for about 3-4 square foot per bird in the coop because they have a 250 square foot outdoor area to run and frolic in. And yes chickens frolic. You haven’t lived til you have seen a chicken frolic.

And as for the egg boxes yes those are milk crates. And no I didn’t steal them. Maybe someone else did but I didn’t…

One comment on “Chicken Coop built by the Sharecropper

  1. Jessica Teona Schley
    October 8, 2012


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