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Fried Green Tomatoes and Corn Biscuits from the Sharecropper Kitchen

Future Fried Green Tomato Sharecropper Kitchen

What we have here is a green tomato fresh from the garden. It has been selected for its firmness and potential to be utilized for one of the epic southern delicacies, the fried green tomato.

Future Fried Green Tomato Sharecropper Kitchen

I scrambled two eggs in a bowl. I then prepared a mix of flour, cornmeal, oregano, black pepper, red chile powder, and sea salt on a large plate. Then I dipped the green tomato slices into the egg mix and dredged them in the flour. I let them sit there a bit while I pat more flour  onto them to ensure the most adhesion. These are then fried in oil. I flip them once they are a nice golden brown.

Another variation is to add a little buttermilk to the egg mixture. And if you are out of cornmeal or just like it crunchy, take a handful of corn tortilla chips and crush them or add them to the flour mixture and whack em around with a meat tenderizer. This adds a really nice texture. Bread crumbs are also a nice addition if you have them around. Get crazy with your bad self…

Fried Green Tomato Sharecropper Kitchen

Never fear making too many of these for if there are open mouths these will fill them til they have exhausted your supply and they are asking you to make more. I guarantee it. Now on to these beauties below….

Corn Biscuits Sharecropper Kitchen

These, my friends, are a nice crowd pleaser.  My main biscuit recipe uses self-rising flour, buttermilk, frozen butter (lots of it and sometimes I use Kerrygold garlic herb butter). However I normally add many different herbs, spices, meat, and cheeses to add to the complexity and appeal of these amazing creations. For this style of biscuit I just augment my normal creation with cornmeal which adds a nice textural element. And if you are feeling really adventurous you can also prepare some bread yeast and add it to the biscuit dough to make an older style of biscuit known as the Angel Biscuit. This style comes out nice and fluffy and texturally is a hybrid of a bread roll and a biscuit.

Experimentation is the spice of life!

Fear not the absence of a recipe. It can set you free!

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