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Lamb! Oh how I love lamb! From the Sharecropper Kitchen.

Red oak grilled lamb

First I should say that I an unabashed meat eater. Mostly I eat chicken. In particular boneless skinless thighs marinated in one of my many homemade concoctions. And second in line is lamb. I love lamb almost as much as I love venison. Don’t get me wrong I like beef too but I don’t crave beef like I crave lamb. But in order to enjoy any of it I believe firmly in cooking over fire. And I tend to lean towards a smokey oak fire that lasts a while so the meat has a definitively heady aroma as well as a deep flavor that you can only get if you cook over fire.

The lamb above was cooked for a good couple hours. In this blog I mention smoked peppers which I turned into a sauce. I then used this sauce as part of a marinade for the lamb. It was my smoked pepper sauce, balsamic, EVOO, herbs and spices. I cooked the lamb low and slow over oak for around two hours.

After perusing the garden it was obvious there were some green beans that needed harvesting. Those were cooked in EVOO, salt, and garlic with a lemon juice, french whole grain mustard, EVOO drizzle.

The wine that accompanied this meal was a Beaujolais, Chateau Cambon Recolte 2010.

Lamb On The Grill


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